WCF Services in Asp.Net

What is WCF in Asp.Net?

WCF is nothing but Windows Communication Foundation. WCF is framework for building service oriented application.

Advantages of WCF?

Why do we go for WCF?

Features of WCF?

What is Address, Binding and Contracts?


Address is nothing but In which Server(IP Address, Server Name, URL and So on) the WCF service is hosted.
The format of the Address is like this 

[Schema]:[Server or Server Name or IP Address or URL]:[Port]/[Service Name] 


Here Schema : http or https
Server or Server Name or IP or URL : www.veesm.com or
Port: port of the server (If required we should give)
Service Name: Name of the service. example: GetBlogPosts is for getting blogs

Examples of Transport Protocol is listed below
HTTP http://www.veesm.com/Service
HTTPS: https://www.veesm.com/Service
TCP:    net.tcp://www.veesm.com/Service
PEER network: net.p2p
Named Pipes: net.pipe
Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ): net.msmq

Based up on the requirement in the Services we can choose transport protocol.